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"Dreams are never unlimited, we wakeup and compel Gods & Godesses to perform the detail; One God over high Princes & Queens of Thieves; Wake up young slave, wicked wealth has bought your last dream -- I dare you to scream! There's nothingness upon a great void in a blessed nightmare." ~ William E. DuBose (2013)

Realistic Paintings Of Greenland Made By Zaria Forman | via

Forget about Mona Lisa the 2D painting, Zaria Forman, a New York based artist, created these amazing 3D paintings by using waves of thick paint for the creation of water and icebergs. These paintings are based on Greenlands icebergs and mountains and she made them for her late mother.  In the first image you see Zaria working on creating the icebergs on a half finished canvas.

(Source: cjwho)